Better Together

Having just celebrated our 1-Year Anniversary, "Better Together" has definitely been on my mind… And not just Jack's song, but the concept in general… Personally, I have found how true it really is… The fact that we are better in pairs. We are better people, when we have someone lifting us, who will in turn need us to lift them from time to time. Just like it reminds us in many of the verses of Proverbs and Psalms, everything is better when we stick together. My smile could not be any bigger right now, knowing what "Together" means for me and my wife, Michelle… But not "Till Death Do You Part"… I'm talking about the knowledge that our marriage is an eternal one… Signed, sealed, delivered… We're together. =:o)

Much Better TogetherIn early October, I have the great opportunity of performing the song "Better Together", for the directors of all the major Non-Profit Organizations, Churches, Service & Humanitarian Aid Companies and Businesses in our fine County of San Luis Obispo. The Event is called "The SLO Public Affairs Luncheon", and I am deeply honored that they would ask me to cover the music during their slide-show for all the "movers & shakers" of the County.

While preparing for this event, I realized that although the song they chose has the perfect theme in the chorus, the verses don't go with the atmosphere of a County coming together to help each other. So I rewrote the majority of the words… Hope Jack doesn't mind. =:o)


Annual Function Logo

"When it comes to me and you, and all the things we have to do, I believe it can be true, that we can help each other through. As we watch our children play, embracing each new day, we can lead them on their way, by all we do and all we say. Yeah, It's always better when we're together! We love to live & work & play & stay together! Yeah, it's always better when we're together! Yeah, it's so much better when we're together!"

"If we look, we'll always find a way to improve the lives of others, to bring some joy to all our Sisters and our Brothers. So look within to find the tools you'll need tomorrow, cause you never know just what another will need to borrow. Yeah, It's always better when we're together! We're movin' on & building bridges here together! Yeah, It's always better when we're together! Yeah, it's so much better when we're together!"